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Moka International (Canada) Inc. has brought the spirit of Ukraine to Canada, and it is called Perlova Vodka.

Perlova Vodka is the first vodka imported from Ukraine to Canada. Perlova, a horilka is an authentic, premium imported vodka, and has been available in Canada for one year. The parent company has been successfully marketing Perlova throughout Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan. The president, Terry Goshulak, is now gearing up for distribution throughout the United States.

The market today consists of informed consumers who want authentic products, and superior quality at value pricing. True vodka lovers will not settle for harsh, cost-conscious ingredient vodkas but will demand a vodka that is truly satisfying to the palate. This is Perlova Vodka!

Perlova Vodka is a premium vodka that has been enjoyed in Ukraine for over 400 years. It is unique in that it has a very smooth finish. So smooth, in fact, that you may find you and your friends enjoy it on the rocks or chilled right out of the freezer. You will notice the difference.

Most imported and domestic vodkas sold in North America are produced with an assortment of grains, such as rye, barley, and corn. Perlova Vodka is made only from what is considered to be the best grain, wheat. Equally important to produce a smooth vodka successfully is the water. The soft water of the Carpathian Mountains region is the key to this exceptional spirit: it has no noticeable aftertaste or odor (some even claim no hangover!). This is what differentiates Perlova from other vodkas that are made with tap water. Toronto-based Moka International represents Perlova in Canada, as well as assisting in the product’s global introduction. Moka’s mandate is to develop Perlova Vodka to compete with the top international brands in the world. Moka has been working closely with the distillery to develop this plan. Once accomplished, the world will know the best vodka comes from Ukraine. As the French are known for their wines, and the Germans for their beer, Ukraine will be known for its vodka “Perlova.”


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